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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Disclosure

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Disclosure

California Resident’s Rights Under the CCPA

The CCPA affords California residents the following rights, and Hatemymortgagerate has implemented procedures to ensure that California residents are afford these rights:

• The right to know, both by category and by specific pieces of information, what Personal Information is collected, used, shared or sold;


• The right to deletion — Consumers can generally demand that the Company, as well as its business service providers, delete Personal Information that is retained by the businesses. If you make a request to delete information, we may require verification of your identity and a confirmation that you would like your data deleted. The Company is not required to delete information where the information is needed in order to provide a service requested by the consumer, if the Company has a regulatory requirement to retain the data, or if we need to maintain the data for any legal or regulatory purposes;



• The right to opt out of the sale of Personal Information. While this is a right under the CCPA, note that Hatemymortgagerate does not sell Personal Information;



• The right to access a free copy of all Personal Information collected on a consumer by the Company, which we share after verifying a consumer’s identity; and



• The right to equal service and pricing even if a privacy right is exercised under the CCPA. The Company will not deny any goods or services to a consumer who chooses to exercise his/her rights under the CCPA. Additionally, we will not charge or propose that a consumer receive different prices or rates for goods or services, or a different level of service or quality of goods or take any other measures to discriminate against a consumer for exercising his/her rights under the CCPA.

How to Exercise CCPA Rights


If you are a California resident, you can exercise any of the rights set forth above or submit any questions pertaining to this CCPA Privacy Notice by taking any of the follow steps:


1. Contacting a Hatemymortgagerate customer service representative at 323-433-1657;

2. Sending us an email at


You may also appoint a natural person or business entity registered with the Secretary of State to exercise your rights under the CCPA, so long as you have authorized the natural person or business entity to act on your behalf subject to the requirements.

Categories of Personal Information that We Collect


Hatemymortgagerate collects Personal Information for a variety of reasons, one of which being to provide individual financial products and services to customers. Below are the categories of Personal Information that we collect that relates to, describes, identifies, could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, or is capable of being associated with you:



How We Collect Personal Information


We collect Personal Information from California residents both directly and indirectly, depending on our relationship with the specific California resident.


We collect Personal Information directly from California residents or their agents through details that you/your agent provide to us, to our loan officers, and/or through our website(s). For example, we collect Personal Information from the following sources:


• Paper applications for a loan where you provide information such as employment history, contact information, income information, etc.;

• Telephone conversations that you have with employees of Hatemymortgagerate;


• Interactions that you have with our website, social media, advertisements, etc.


We also collect personal information indirectly. For example, we collect Personal Information from the following sources:


• Third-party service providers that provide data to support activities like fraud prevention, marketing, etc.;


• Social media websites;


• Government entities that provide public records;


• Consumer data resellers.


How We Use Personal Information


We use the Personal Information that we collect in a variety of ways, including:


• Managing and delivering the services that you have engaged us to provide;


• Improving user experiences through research on marketing, developing and improving products and services;


• Addressing security issues or system integrity;


• Supporting everyday business operations like monitoring, reporting, accounting, enabling use of service providers for business purposes, etc.;


• Ensuring compliance with our legal and/or regulatory obligations, such as assisting with legal requests and demands, responding to audit requests, enabling information security, etc.; and


• Conducting other legitimate and lawful business purposes.


Categories of Third Parties to Whom We Disclose Personal Information


Hatemymortgagerate does not sell your Personal Information. However, we may share Personal Information with third parties. The categories of third parties with whom we share Personal Information include the following:


• Government agencies;


• Application vendors; and


• Third party service providers.


Changes to this CCPA Privacy Notice


We may make changes to this CCPA Privacy Notice occasionally. We will inform you of changes by posting the revised CCPA Privacy Notice on our website with a revised “Last Updated” date. Unless otherwise stated, the revised CCPA Privacy Notice is effective as of the date the revised Notice is posted.

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